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Foxhole - MMO ww2 game

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful and permanent effect across a vast world in a constant state of war.
Key Features

Player Autonomy - Every solider is controlled by a player. Players ARE the content.
    Sandbox warfare, where players determine the narrative of a long term war
    Emergent strategies and tactics make every part the war feel unique
    Your character stays active in the world even after you've gone offline
    Build your capacity to contribute to the war by acquiring resources, crafting, and building

Persistent World - Join hundreds of players in a shared, war torn universe.
    Capture and setup supply lines to keep your frontline well equipped
    Execute long term strategies that take weeks of planning, changing the tide of the war with minimal casualties
    Conquer and relinquish territories in a back and forth, high stakes conflict
    Play as a persistent character throughout the war, gaining notoriety and influence among your faction

Realistic Combat - Tense and cerebral battles that keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Ammunition, resources, and information are limited, requiring players to work together to survive
    Dynamic battle conditions: Use the time of day and terrain features to gain an advantage
    Combat where skills and strategy matter more than stats or XP points
    Reconnaissance is as important as firepower

t/m 3 aug heb je 10% korting op de aanschaf.

Is er animo voor om dit spel eens te spelen?
Ik wil het wel proberen maar liever niet alleen Smile

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Beginner Stream (howto, laat je zien wat je o.a. kan doen in het spel)

Livestream 25 maart

Behind enemy lines
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