As BuG Community we decided to give live to voluntary donations. Voluntary because it’s absolutely not an obligation. And also doing a donation just once won’t make you have to do it again if you decide not to donate anymore. Your donation will exclusively be used to keep the servers running where you decided for and won’t be used for other things.

Everyone is welcome, even when you decide not to donate.
Playing a game together with friends and having fun is way more important!

The donations are per quarter and besides choosing if you want to donate, you can also choose what to donate for:

  • Registered member (Free!) Register on the forum and join Teamspeak!
  • BuG Community (€1,50 per quarter)
  • BuG Battlefield 4 Server(s) (€7,50 per quarter)
  • Assetto Corsa (€ 5,00 per quarter)
  • Minecraft (€ 5,00 per quarter)

You can find the administration of the donations on the BuG Member Panel.

What do you get for your donation?

If you donate for BuG Community:

If you decide to donate for the BuG Community, You can use a 10% discount for the whole assortment of You can get a personal discount code from Gert-Jan-Oss.

cooperating webshops at the moment are:
– – CBD Olie Webshop

BuG Battlefield 4 Servers:

If you choose to donate for the Battlefield 4 server(s), you’ll get a spot on the Reserved Slots list in return.
Being on the reserved slots list will get you first in line to enter the server when it’s full. In addition, you may think, debate and decide with us on
the configuration of the server(s).
WATCH OUT! If you choose to donate for the Battlefield 4 server(s), enter your soldier name as Ingame nickname on the checkout form!

The payment

Your donation is per quarter regardless of how far this quarter has progressed. The first quarter started on the 1st of November in 2013, and the second on the 1st of February in 2014 and so it continues. This is to keep the administration nice and tight.
At the end of every quarter you’ll receive an reminder email asking if you would like to donate for the next quarter.
From that moment, you’ll get a month of time to decide if you want to donate again.
If you decide not to continue donating, you simply just don’t.
Next to that you can also unsubscribe for the reminder e-mails with the link which you can find at the bottom of the reminder email.

You can also choose to pay by direct debet (Automatische incasso). To do this you’ll have to fill in this form and sent it to [email protected]

The donating

Donating works as follows:

  1. Register on the forum
  2. Make your donation in the donationshop
  3. The accountant will update the administration after he received your donation.
  4. After receiving your donation you’ll be added to the group “Donating Members, and you’ll be able to profit from you benefits.”

NOTE: We are currently working on automating this whole process.
You can find the administration of the donations on the BuG Member Panel.
At this moment you can make your donation using iDeal, PayPal or bank transfer.

If you have any question regarding the donations or making a donation, please contact bvk, Fonta, Gert-Jan_Oss or Lampuhkap on Discord.