BuG #2 | 76th :: TOP INFANTRY | ESL – Moving!

BuG #2 | 76th :: TOP INFANTRY | ESL – Moving!

Hi guys!

The BuG 76th Top Infantry server is moving to another GSP (Game Service Provider) because of the problems we are experiencing at the moment.
We would like to welcome you all to the new server hosted at Nitrado: http://bit.ly/BuG76th

If you would like to know more about why we are moving, read along!

It all started a little time ago with the server disconnecting all players and becoming unreachable for a couple of minutes.
We opened a ticket at the GSP and after a lot of discussion they moved us to other hardware yesterday.
Unfortunately the server is unplayable because of lag, so we again opened a ticket at the GSP to ask if they could look into it.
Their answer was that there’s nothing wrong with the server. And that was for me the reason to look for another GSP.
After some discussing with a couple of well known players we decided to rent a server at Nitrado.
We hope that everything will be fine on this server and that we’ll all have a lot of fun, playing on it!

BTW! You can also help us now keeping the server up and running by sending us a little donation! It would really be highly appreciated!
Just follow this link: http://server.nitrado.net/donations/donate/428874 Thanks guys!

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