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New functions on the BuG Member Panel (BMP)
I introduced some new options and functionalities on the BMP.
In short these:
- Latest threads section on the Dashboard has been replaced with News and Updates:
[Image: llSWEbK.png]
Clicking one of the news items will open a modal.

- On the TeamSpeak page you can now add and remove some of the "fun" servergroups all by yourself.
[Image: m3hnjbU.png]
Checking/unchecking one of the groups will instantly change the group membership for the chosen UID on the left.
Clicking on one of the UIDs will display a lot of information (see next screenshot).
The green dot indicates that this UID is currently connected to the TeamSpeak server.

- It's now possible to "disconnect" old TeamSpeak Unique IDs from your forum account (on the "Your Id's" tab) by clicking on the red X.
[Image: W1YBRNt.png]

Clicking the red X brings up a confirmation:
[Image: CBI5eo0.png]

- The information displayed on the "Your Id's" tab after clicking on one of the UIDs is now readable.
[Image: pnksUxy.png]

Future updates about the BMP will be published on the BMP.
Nicely done Fonta!

So everybody will be a bunny/pro/twitcher soon now.... Wink
And when will the option for Teamspeak server groups be active? Smile I can't see it at the moment on the Teamspeak page...
[ When all hell's breakin' loose, you'll be right in the eye of the storm! ] [ Overwatch ] [ Diablo ]

I forgot to enable an option to make it visible for everyone.
Enabled it, so should now be available.
Tested, it works! Smile
[ When all hell's breakin' loose, you'll be right in the eye of the storm! ] [ Overwatch ] [ Diablo ]

(20-09-2016, 21:34)CptChaosNL Wrote: Tested, it works! Smile

And again a new option available. You can find what it is, in the news section on the BuG Member Panel.
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