BuG ESL Server Information

General Rules

  • No crying/insulting/whining in chat! Be nice!
  • Play hard, but fair!

Perks/Unlock/Weapon Restrictions

The following Perks/Unlock/Weapon are banned
and can not be used:
  • ACE 52
  • SCAR-H
  • CZ-3A1
  • M320 except smoke
  • Claymore
  • C4
  • Battle Pickups
  • M26
  • Airburst
  • Spawn beacon
  • Tugs
  • All shotguns
  • Motionballs
  • V40 mini grenade
  • RGO Impact grenade
  • Flashbang
  • MAV
  • IRNV Scope
  • FLIR Scope
  • ALL DLC weapons/gadgets
The guns added by the spring patch are not accounted as DLC weapons and are therefor allowed to be used!
  • We only restrict the use of Assault Rifles and Carbines! LMG’s, PDW’s, DMR’s, Sniper Rifles and Handguns are not restricted and you can use still all of them as you wish.


  • Any form of cheating is (ofcourse) NOT allowed!

If we find you cheating, or have any reasonable doubt, we WILL ban you!
We run a couple of streams and plugins to get rid of cheating players.
If you get kicked or banned from our server and you think this is in error, open a ticket here, or contact a BF GameAdmin on TeamSpeak: ts.bug-community.com.

Source: ESL Webpage